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Virus Removal

Computer viruses (Spyware, Malware, Ransomware) are the biggest reason why computers crash.

Viruses are horrible, they can do all kinds of things such as cause your computer to freeze, delete system registry files, track all the places you have gone on the internet, steal passwords and banking information. Time is of the essence.  The longer you wait to remove viruses the more they can damage your operating system and possibly cause your computer to not function at all.  MCS provides comprehensive support and expert guidance to remove all Spyware, Malware and Ransomware that may be hidden in your system.

Pop-ups and spam are two of the biggest nuisances you may find. 

Like viruses, but not as serious, pop-ups should be removed quickly before your computer is slowed down and experiences software conflicts.  Spam is a big time-waster for email.  You receive tons of email per day so getting junk mail just slows down your productivity.  Spam should be removed swiftly or it will only build up in more volume over time.  Spam filters can be set up to alleviate your email spamming issues.

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